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Our office is a renovated home, named the "White-Springfield House." The design of the house is often referred to as "Mission Style" or even "Alamo Style", and architect Charles Page's turn-of-the-century design reflects his fascination with interesting roof dormers and clay tile roofs, and his styling incorporates baroque detailing of the exterior cartouches adorning the façade.

Dr. Montgomery Lewis White and Mary Belle Nelson White hired Charles H. Page to build the present house between 1909-1910. Page is included in A History of Texas and Texans as being "Foremost among the men of his calling, who aim to build beautifully useful structures."

Page worked for his father, C. H. Page, one of the contractors on the present Capitol Building. He was a member of the State's first Board of Examiners in architecture. With his brother and son, C. H. Page designed hundreds of State, school, municipal and other public buildings throughout Texas and in other states. One of his first major assignments was to design and supervise construction of the Austin National Bank Building. He designed the Texas Building at the St. Louis World's Fair, the Pasteur Institute, and the Confederate Home. Because of his interest in a more beautiful Austin, Page was appointed to the City Parks and Recreation Board. When Zilker Park was developed, Page offered his services free of charge to help the CWA and CCC programs. His company, C. H. Page & Son was rated for its originality in design and was selected to design the mosaic floor of the Texas State Capitol rotunda, depicting the history of Texas under six flags.

The last occupants of the house before it was sold in January 1955, were John Frank and Myrna Springfield. Springfield was the former president and general manager of the Austin Street Railway Company and its successor, The Austin Transit Company from 1922 to 1945. Springfield passed away in the house in 1955.

In 1986, the White-Springfield House was purchased by the partnership of 2112 Rio Grande Joint Venture, who endeavor to maintain the beauty and history of the house.

Researched by Charlotte Carl-Mitchell

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